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Sheffield Decking Pro helps to care for your deck as part of your undertaking and agreed protocols when you availed for a decking project. Though maintenance and repair are additional costs on your end, your deck is assured to be more durable and will extend the service for many more years. We will help by using professionals with great knowledge in what they do.

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Decking addition to your home is adding a haven or sanctuary where you can use it for many purposes. Also, it enhances your home landscaping and aesthetics, adding more value to your property. But when your deck is not maintained, here comes your problem.

A deck is exposed to outdoors and is vulnerable to all environmental elements. It will show signs of damage and weathering if it is not properly taken care of, cleaned, power washed, repaired, and maintained. Even a do-it-yourself won’t save your deck especially when the problem beneath the boards and joists go uncared for and become worse.

Wood materials slowly degrade and decay when eaten by bugs and termites, exposed to too much moisture, leaving moss, algae, and wood fungus behind.

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To give you insight on deck repairs, here are some good pointers:

  • Decks are exposed to heat and moisture. Some of the primary factors that damage your decks are mould and mildew. Mould and mildew are often confused with one another and get to be interchanged in meaning. Mould is different from a mildew. If your deck is half exposed to the sun with some shading from plants and trees, mildew can grow substantially when the surface deck is often moist or wet. It is grey, yellow, or white in appearance and often powdery. A mould on the other hand is black or green and proliferates underneath the deck surface, as usually mostly wet beneath near the ground. To remove moulds and mildew, powerwash the deck with water and bleach and make it a point to let it dry under the sun.
  • Deck stains should be applied periodically. Stains serve as protective layers for board or deck panels against harsh elements. When you have a newly installed deck, it is important to have the boards stained right away to keep their pristine condition. This is only applicable for woods that are not pressure-treated lumber, which needs around six months before it can be stained. A yearly coat or stain is good enough to keep your deck looking new. And it’s better to stain the wood before painting.
     Replace rotten, split, cracked panels immediately. The situation can be compared to a rotten tomato, in such that when you keep placing the fresh ones with a rotten one, healthy tomatoes will soon become rotten, too. Inspect the corners of your deck for loose nails and boards. It could be dangerous too stepping on boards with damaged parts.

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If you believe that only the skilled builders can do the repair and maintenance on your deck, call our experts in Sheffield and the surrounding areas. Our decking professionals have years of experience in serving customers in Sheffield, UK and the nearby cities.

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