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Types of Decking

Decking Materials

Decks provide form, function, and aesthetics. You get to choose the most appropriate decking material. Most decks are made of wood or composite. It depends what suits your preference and budget as each type of decking material has its own characteristics. And in this industry, there are four to five deck types you can choose fro

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Outdoor living solutions include decking, aside from patios, fencing, landscaping, and even adding a pool. A deck simply increases your home value and your outdoor living space.

If you already have a garden landscaping, a decking addition enhances the way you organize your plants and flowers, shrubs, and small trees. It will also emphasize a certain location in the garden that you can use for many ways, such as additional dining area, party area, barbecue area, or just a spot where you can breathe fresh air.

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Cedar and redwood

Cedar and redwood are considered the most prominent and expensive decking material. Both types of wood are fire resistant, easy to treat and paint, and have superior resistance against termites and other destructive insects. Wood, as we all know, is vulnerable to rot when exposed to moisture and sun. But with cedar and redwood, they are the types of wood that can last for around 20 years as long as they are treated properly.

Redwood and cedar are known as superior wood material due to their intrinsic beauty and colour. However, no matter how expensive your decking material would be, it is subject to proper care or maintenance

Pressure-treated wood

Decks made of pressure-treated lumber are a popular demand. As most woods are vulnerable to all kinds of decay, a pressure-treated wood is protected against termites, does not crack easily, warp, or swell if properly maintained.

Perfect for locations with high humidity, the pressure-treated wood can have direct contact to the ground when installing. However, this wood type has the tendency to crack and split if no periodic maintenance is observed. Conduct at least a yearly power washing and around two to three years of stain application to preserve the wood.


Composite-type of decking is composed of wood and plastic. While natural wood such as cedar and redwood which are exquisite types of wood materials and would cost much, the composite type is much preferred as you get the same benefits but at a more reasonable price.

Composite has several benefits, and one of them is that it can offer the elegance of wood minus the vulnerability against attacks because it is plastic. Also, composite decks do not split or crack, or shrink like a real wood. So you get more value for your money aside from the fact that they are cheaper and can be made into different textures (surface) or colour.

Composite wood decks are composed of polyvinyl chloride or made from recycled plastic and wood fibers, making them impervious to warp, crack, and rot.

Other types of decking material include aluminium and vinyl. But with modern ways of manufacturing, new decks are being produced to achieve aesthetics and cost-efficiency, and appropriateness to certain locations.

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